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Picture of Steve Poulton - Marinemasters centre principal

Centre Principal & Chief Instructor

Steve Poulton  

Rather than bore you with  the usual list of experience and qualifications, I am happy to share my RYA quals via the RYA website if you need to see them prior to booking.

The short version is that I am appointed by the RYA as an advanced Powerboat and PWC instructor trainer, a Shore based instructor trainer (1st aid), an RYA/MCA CoC Examiner (AdPB) and an RYA recognised centre and super yacht inspector.


More importantly, let me tell you about me and my attitude to training instead as I believe that gaining any new skill is a great thing to do.


Human development was built on the back of people pushing their boundaries and dreaming of what they could become and how they could make the world a better place.

​I love working with people to achieve their aims and nothing makes me happier than seeing a student having one of those 'aha' moments in the middle of a session.

Lots of people assisted me to gain my qualifications and experience and I just see my time spent with aspiring instructors as 'pay back'.​

If you are interested in the 'boring stuff' then academically I have a post grad certificate in Tourism & Hospitality Management and a Masters Degree in Outdoor Management development from Sheffield Hallam University which is all about using the outdoor environment and practical activities to enhance the learning environment.


My final year dissertation researched if individuals perceptions of fear  on activities affected positive learning outcomes... you will have to find a copy and read it to find out, that would be a fun thing to do!


I have lots of other certificates and badges including advanced First Aid instructor and various work based qualifications but the one I am most proud of is my canoeing proficiency badge I got as a kid as this is where my love of water sports started way back in 1982!

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