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PWC Instructor courses

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

We run regular RYA PWC INSTRUCTOR COURSES from our base in Lincoln and work hard to ensure we deliver top notch training, in this article Steve Poulton our resident Instructor Trainer will give you some top tips and handy hints for getting the most from your course.

'I train a lot of people both in the UK and onboard super yachts worldwide each year and I have noticed a few things that seem common place across courses, so if you are thinking of doing powerboat or PWC instructor course anytime soon... read on' -

People often contact us wanting to know if they are ready to do the course... the short answer is... I don't know, I have never seen you drive a boat/ski and have no knowledge of your previous experience... other than what you tell me!

So, lets take the RYA PWC Instructors course as an example (the same things can be applied to the Powerboat Instructors Course) -

Things to consider -

Do you meet the pre requirements for the course?

✅ Are you over 16 years?

✅ Do you have at least TWO YEARS of riding PWC (jet ski) in a variety of conditions and situations?

✅ This requirement can be reduced to ONE YEAR if you work full time using PWC as part of your job.

✅ This is 'self certified' - I have no way of knowing if you decided to be economical with the truth when telling me how long you have been riding... but it will show on day one if you clearly started last week!

✅ Have you got an RYA PWC LICENCE

Do you have a suitable


Do you like standing up in front of people and speaking?

Lots of people hoping to become an instructor are natural speakers and happy to stand up and 'present' but we are not all happy in this situation.

If you know you are nervous when in front of a group perhaps work on presenting something you are confident with in front of friends and family before you attend a course.

A good opportunity to practice some of the subjects on the syllabus perhaps?

If you are really comfortable standing up and speaking, think about how much you speak, is it a 'one sided broadcast' or do you include the audience in the presentation and make it 'interactive'?

Do you have some ideas for creating learning resources that can take the attention of you and focus on th subject instead? Things like laminated picture cards to use when teaching IRPCS or little models of jet ski's to use when explaining a particular manoeuvre?

Do you know anything about jet ski's, things like top tips on basic maintenance, the difference between a Yamaha Ex and a Seadoo Spark, how you put a SEADOO into 'SPORT' mode or how you restrict a YAMAHA to LEARNER MODE... these things all show a spread of knowledge on a subject you are hoping to be authorised to teach to others.

TOP TIP - Take the time to find out about the subject, visit the main manufacturers websites, read up on the current range, features and engine sizes. Make an effort to show the trainers that you are going to make a great and knowledgable instructor.

All the trainers I have ever worked with want you to PASS, they work hard to show you things that will make teaching others fun and informative, they don't have time on a course to teach you how to ride a ski or explain what a lateral buoy is, if you don't know... go find out now!

These are things you can think about prior to attending an instructors course, we will work hard to give you time on the course to practice these skills and will suggest lots of strategies to deal with nerves if needed... so don't worry... but at least think about it before you come.

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