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RYA PWC (jetski) Licences

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

We get lots of calls about the RYA PWC licence course from people wanting to complete this certificate so they can ride at their local lake or launch from their local marina.

jet skis on a dock

We get asked lots of questions about the necessity of obtaining the licence and what it involves... so here goes! Fun fact number one, you don’t actually NEED a licence to ride a Jet ski in the UK, we have a right to navigate on coastal waters, the need to hold a licence is often imposed by the ‘controller’ of the launch facility, marina or imposed as a condition to register under a local bylaw (usually with evidence of insurance). In other areas around the world this differs, with many countries in the med region requiring you to hold a licence, the RYA PWC licence seems to meet this requirement, I have been stopped several times in various countries and the RYA PWC licence I have produced has always satisfied the local authorities. There are other ways of ‘proving competence’ when abroad, such as completing your RYA course and then applying for an International Certificate of Competence (ICC). The rules on getting one of these are varied depending on where you live, what passport you have and if you are not a UK national. If you are actually a national of another country, then your home country may be on the ‘list’ of countries that the RYA is authorised to issue an ICC to if requested - its a complicated area and you are probably best to email or call us if you wish to pursue this route. Back to the RYA PWC licence, this one day proficiency course is well worth completing, even if you consider yourself to be an established rider. We have many people attend the course and are running at least one most weeks throughout the summer season and most months even during the later months.

We haven’t ever had anyone say they have left learning nothing at all, even people who have been riding for a number of years tend to like the navigation, passage planning and buoyage sessions!

About 80% of the course is actually on the water doing practical skills and the syllabus covers everything from basic pre launch checks, slow speed manoeuvres, planning speed exercises, towing, rules of the road, basic passage planning and much, much more! The course is designed for complete beginners and is well tailored for seasoned skiers by our experienced instructors. We have several options for you to complete the course using our ski's or your own ski (subject to lake rules on no two strokes.. sorry!). We include all instruction, equipment hire, ski hire, fuel, course book, licence issue on the day, lunch and on course refreshments.... whats not to like ;-) Email or call to check availability or if you have any questions and we will be happy to help.

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